Chosen industry: Distribution, hotels and restaurants

Main Occupations

Showing the main occupations with the most people employed for your chosen industry Distribution, hotels and restaurants for Inner London.

Sales Assistants and Retail Cashiers

  • Pharmacy and other dispensing assistantsPharmacy and other dispensing assistants work under the supervision of pharmacists or other relevant health professionals to dispense drugs and medicines, issue pre-packaged prescriptions, sell over-the-counter medication, dispense spectacles and contact lenses and other related products.
  • Retail cashiers and check-out operatorsRetail cashiers and check-out operators accept payments from customers and give change in respect of sales or services.
  • Sales and retail assistantsSales and retail assistants demonstrate and sell a variety of goods and services in shops, stores, showrooms and similar establishments.
  • Telephone salespersonsTelephone salespersons obtain, receive, process and record telephone orders for goods and services.
  • Vehicle and parts salespersons and advisersVehicle and parts salespersons and advisers sell new and used vehicles to the general public, and vehicle accessories and parts to garages, vehicle dealerships and the general public.

Other Elementary Services Occupations

  • Bar staffBar staff prepare, mix and serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and beverages at bars in public houses, hotels, clubs and other establishments.
  • Hospital portersHospital porters perform various manual tasks in hospitals to assist nursing and domestic staff with the care of patients.
  • Kitchen and catering assistantsWorkers in this unit group assist in the preparation and service of food and beverages in restaurants, cafés and other eating establishments, and perform various cleaning, fetching and carrying tasks.
  • Leisure and theme park attendantsLeisure and theme park attendants monitor the operation of amusement arcades, check tickets of entry to theatres and cinemas and show people to their seats, operate rides at funfairs and theme parks, and entertain and look after guests at holiday camps.
  • Other elementary services occupations n.e.c.Workers in this unit group perform a variety of elementary services occupations not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP 927: Other Elementary Services Occupations.
  • Waiters and waitressesWaiters and waitresses serve food and beverages in hotels, clubs, restaurants and other establishments.

Food Preparation and Hospitality Trades

  • Bakers and flour confectionersBakers and flour confectioners prepare and bake dough, pastry and cake mixtures and make and finish flour confectionary products by hand.
  • ButchersButchers direct and undertake the slaughter of animals and prepare carcasses for storage, processing and sale.
  • Catering and bar managersCatering and bar managers plan, direct and co-ordinate the catering and bar facilities and services of licensed premises, factories, shops, theatres, educational premises and other establishments. They also manage outside catering businesses and shops selling food cooked on the premises.
  • ChefsChefs plan menus and prepare, or oversee the preparation of food in hotels, restaurants, clubs, private households and other establishments.
  • CooksCooks prepare, season and cook food, often using pre-prepared ingredients, in clubs, private households, fast food outlets, shops selling food cooked on the premises and the catering departments and canteens of other establishments.
  • Fishmongers and poultry dressersFishmongers and poultry dressers clean, cut and prepare fish and poultry for processing or sale.


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Data Source: Annual Population Survey (APS), © Crown Copyright

Important Information: The Annual Population Survey provides information on key social and socio-economic variables at a local level. The data enables monitoring of key estimates between censuses and provides local area information for labour market statistics. This data is based on the most detailed (4 digit) occupation data shown at unitary authority and county level; it has also been aggregated to region level*. The data covers the period October 2019 to September 2020*.

* Please note that the region figures have been aggregated from county and UA based data, where for disclosure control reasons some data has been suppressed. The counts at region level are therefore an approximation.